Zoning helps to define land plots for differential fertilization as well as create tasks for agricultural vehicles on electronic maps. Which, in turn, facilitates reducing fertilizer input to prevent negative consequences related to overfeeding, for example.

Zoning is useful when the whole picture of your field condition is required. The result can be used to determine problematic field plots to realize precision farming.

With the help of the Zoning feature, you are able to divide the field from 2 to 7 zones. The vegetation indices available are NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI, and RECI. By going to the Date drop-down menu, you can choose a date when a satellite image has been taken. Once you set the filters, to see the result, click Calculate.

divide the fields in zones

Zoning allows monitoring higher (red) and lower (green) vegetation levels. Depending on the calculation (ha), you would need to apply fertilizer (%) accordingly.