Save to EOSDA Storage

To save the image to EOSDA Storage, select the image for your AOI and click the Download button in the right corner of the image

Click the Scene downloading to check your file in the list

Select the Show in EOSDA Storage option to check your file there

On the EOSDA Storage page select Recent, find the image in the list and right-click it to see all the options available

Extract analytics from the image in EOSDA Processing

Select the image for your AOI and click a gear-wheel icon in the right corner of the image to have it open with EOSDA Processing. Once the processing is completed, the output file is saved to EOSDA Storage by default

Once the file is downloaded, on EOSDA Processing page select the EOSDA LandViewer project from the drop-down menu or Create new project from EOSDA LandViewer processing result

Once the new project is created, hover over the project box to edit, remove or Open Project for further processing

To instantly process and download

Select the image for your AOI, apply all the filters, both the default and custom settings available in EOSDA LandViewer and click Downloading icon in the right-side menu

In the Visual tab select ResolutionFormat and use Crop by extent option, if necessary

Click Download button in the bottom right menu to save the image on your device

To save the image to EOSDA Storage click the cloud icon

Download a specific part of the image

Select the required area, use Crop by Extent and click Download button in the bottom of the tab

Download Metadata

Select Metadata in Analytic tab to download extended information on the image (source data, acquisition date, cloudiness, sun elevation, bands, projection parameters and other specifications), which is necessary for image processing in a specialized software, such as ENVI, ERDAS, etc

All the Tile Matadata is downloaded in one file

Download band combinations separately

To Download band combinations separately, go to Analytic tab, hover over the selected band and click downloading icon in the band field. To check the band details click the I – information button.  To download the selected band to EOSDA Storage, use the cloud icon. Don’t forget to clear the Merge bands with the same resolution tick box

Download band combinations as one file

To Download band combinations as one file choose and convert selected bands (BO8, BO4) to GeoTIFF, crop by visible extent on the map. Bands with the same resolution are merged by default, but if you don’t need it, clear the tick box