Introduction to my EOSDA LandViewer

Welcome to EOSDA LandViewer – your online GIS-assistant!



EOSDA LandViewer features overview

  1. Integrated into EOSDA Platform, EOSDA LandViewer helps complete the following tasks:
  • pick the image from the largest satellite imagery catalog
  • instantly process and analyze it with the set of advanced tools
  • save, download and integrate spatial data in multiple formats
  1. The leading features of the instrument are:
  • search by AOI
  • advanced satellite filters 
  • on-the-fly processing
  • custom indices/band combinations
  • time series analysis
  • time lapse
  • clustering
  • adding data to the WMS layer
  • share and publish
  1. The USP of the instrument is:
  • instant access to web satellite data
  • mosaic approach
  • online processing
  • high-resolution images (preview and purchasing)
  • scene downloading 
  • integration with both EOSDA Platform and 3-d party GIS software

Integration with EOSDA Platform

EOSDA LandViewer is a part of an ecosystem of four mutually integrated EOSDA products:

  • EOSDA Storage is developed to store, share, distribute and get instant access to thousands of Terabytes of Earth Observation and GIS related data.
  • Aspectum is employed to visualize data sets; it creates data-driven maps with SQL-based interface and state-of-the-art cartographic tools.

The instrument allows making a full circle of geodata workflow in one suit. Search, process on-the-fly and pick an appropriate image from the largest satellite imagery catalogue in EOSDA LandViewer, save it to your personal (256Gb) cloud and get the instant access, share and distribute your big data in EOSDA Storage and perform efficient analysis via visualization and SQL-based approach in Aspectum.