Zoom in&out

Use (+) and (-) to get the map zoomed in and out

Measure distances

Click the Ruler icon to measure distances. The instrument measures the area and the distance in kilometers and miles. In case you need to measure the distance within AOI

  • specify the points you need to measure the distance between and stick them with a click

To edit your AOI and make the Distance and the Area be remeasured each time you alter it, use Convert to measurements from the context menu in the bottom centre of the screen

Identify facility

The tool takes measurements at a point.  It’s able to identify Altitude/RGB/pixels/coordinateswhen calculating the Index, for example


Click the Layers tool to switch between the following layers:

  • Map

  • Terrain

  • Satellite. NB The Satellite layer is for Pro-plan users only

Toggle Labels

The function is designed to impose labels (road lines, names of the cities, regions, countries, islands, etc.) on the map.

Share and publish

To share the file, click the share icon from the side toolbar and select Share map from the drop-down menu 

Choose the size (small/medium/large) and get a shareable link

To Publish it, select one of the social media from the list and create a post

The post opens in the new tab and contains a direct link to EOSDA LandViewer