You can use this section to:

  • request access to the API*,
  • send requests to our support team,
  • change settings,
  • upgrade plan,
  • log out.

*contact us for more details


In the settings, you can:

  • select the language of the interface
  • select the unit system
  • turn off the the demo content

Current version of EOSDA Forest Monitoring supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

You can choose between two international systems of units:

  • Imperial (lbs, ac, mph, inch, °F)
  • Metric (kg, ha, m/s, mm, °C)

You can hide the demo stand by turning off the “display demo content” toggle.

how to hide the demo stand on EOSDA Forest Monitoring

Pricing & Access

We offer two subscription plans: Professional and Custom. EOSDA Forest Monitoring is also available for free with limited access to features. You can try out all the features on your Demo stand first completely free of charge.

We are constantly working on providing you with the most actionable tools. Task us with developing additional forest management and monitoring solutions specifically tailored to your real cases.

EOSDA Forest Monitoring subscription plans