Mid Kansas Coop (MKC): An Insight For Farmers

Mid Kansas Coop (MKC): An Insight For Farmers - QUICK REVIEW

Mid Kansas Coop is a full-service farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in Moundridge, Kansas. MKC provides a full line of agricultural inputs and related agronomy, management, grain, energy, and feed services and solutions to its members and non-member customers in 24 counties throughout the state.

Mid Kansas Coop is committed to promoting and implementing precision ag technologies, so the co-op offers its Optimal Acre Program aimed to make precision agriculture more straightforward and affordable for everyone. The cost of the program is spread out over four years, which is only $5 per acre per year for four years for access to satellite imagery, customized soil fertility prescriptions, as well as the ability to do variable-rate nitrogen management, variable rate seeding, and more.

Enterprise size:

201-500 employees




Public Company


Grain, Agronomy, Energy, Feed, Precision Agriculture


$201 million-$1 billion

States Served:

1 (KS)

Client base:

over 8,400 members




Moundridge, KS

Contact phone:



307 W Cole St, Moundridge, KS 67107, US


Mid Kansas Cooperative is focused on providing agronomy services (with particular focus on precision ag solutions) and grain services, including grain merchandising, risk management services, logistics, accounting, and e-commerce.

Along with that, the cooperative partners with leading US brands of seed, crop protection and nutrition, animal feed, and fuels, being an active distributor and supplier of:

  • Seed (CROPLAN, DeKalb, Asgrow, Mycogen, Monsanto, Dupont, and NK);
  • Fungicides (Absolute Maxx, Topguard, Prosaro, and Stratego YLD);
  • Fertilizer (SUPERU);
  • Crop protection (Tordon 22K, 2, 4-D Amine, GrazonNext HL, and Escort XP);
  • Feed (animal feed by Countryside Feed, Purina Animal Nutrition, including MKC’s own production, pet food by PMI Nutrition, Red Flannel, Infinia, Exclusive, feed for poultry by Purina, Home Grown, as well as MKC rations and supplements);
  • Fuel and lubricants (Cenex oil, diesel, grease and gear lubricants, and packaged products sized from quarts to 220-gallon totes).


To enable every co-op member and customer to maximize yields and improve the efficiency of each operation, Mid Kansas Coop is in constant search of the most appropriate precision ag solutions. Tools and software, utilized by MKC coop, are focused on specific tasks in identifying management zones, applying fertilizer and lime through variable-rate technology, managing irrigation, and more:

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    The Optimal Acre Program created by Mid Kansas Co-op is a management tool that is based on GPS grid soil sampling. Taking samples allows mapping variability in each field and then evaluating essential factors like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sulfur, as well as pH level. As a result, the Optimal Acre Program creates accurate variable-rate fertilizer prescriptions.

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  • AquaSpy logo

    AquaSpy is a soil moisture monitoring system that is based on using a vertical 12 sensor probe which measures moisture, EC, and temperature at every 4 inches. An audio signal is sent out from the probe, the speed and attenuation of the signal upon return are used to provide usable data.

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  • FarmTRX logo

    The FarmTRX Yield Monitoring system allows farmers to generate high-quality yield maps quickly and easily. The FarmTRX Mobile App displays current harvest data and uploads it automatically to the FarmTRX web-platform so that the user can view, share, or export the yield maps to other farm management software.

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    Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

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Services, branches of activity, specializations of the Mid Kansas Coop:

Agronomy services

MKC’s six full-service agronomy centers and the fleet of applicators provide the customers with the latest products, programs, and services to meet various agronomy needs. From purchasing agricultural inputs to precision ag services Mid Kansas Co-op’s team can assist a farmer throughout the cultivation process.

Grain marketing

MKC operates 34 grain locations with a combined space of more than 30 million bushels. The grain team of the cooperative offers risk management options, merchandising, logistics, accounting, and e-commerce through Team Marketing Alliance LLC.

Energy Department

Mid Kansas Co-op provides propane, fuels, oil, grease, gear lubricants, as well as other products; including fuel storage tanks and accessories, bulk and packaged antifreeze, solvent, and DEF. Also, the MKC energy department offers automated fuel delivery.


Mid Kansas Co-op maintains partnerships both with other cooperatives and non-profit organizations in the served area:

  • MKC Grain Division provides merchandising, logistics, accounting, and e-commerce through Team Marketing Alliance. Owned by MKC, Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company, Cooperative Grain & Supply, Central Prairie Cooperative, Mid-West Fertilizer, and Producer Ag LLC. TMA is aimed to assist producers in maximizing their revenue potential in today’s volatile markets.
  • Through a partnership with Land O’Lakes, Inc., Mid Kansas Co-op offers the Land O’Lakes Cooperative Farmer Member Health Plan to its members in co-ops in Kansas.
  • In a partnership with the Cooperative Finance Association (CFA), Mid Kansas farmers co-op association provides crop input financial programs for its members.
  • Over the past five years, the cooperative has donated more than $300,000 to hunger relief programs, enhancing ag education, leadership, and community safety programs, including 4-H Leadership Development, Kansas-wide and local FFA chapters, Women in Agriculture, Community Food Banks, Farm Safety Camps, Emergency Services, among others.


  • Zoning tools allow for the creation of a productivity and fertilizer application map, as well as the creation of accurate fertilizer application recommendations.
  • Satellite-based monitoring of crop conditions, allowing the identification of vegetation disturbances.
  • Daily updated weather data with an available resolution of 6.5 х 6.5 km helps to quickly identify possible weather risks to properly plan fertilizer operations.
  • Assessment of crop development in a given area based on NDVI, RECI, MSAVI, and NDRE indices, with the opportunity to choose the most informative index for each crop growth stage.